Private Swim Lessons


Private Lessons will return after the COVID19 closure

How to book

Please contact your preferred instructor to set up a convenient time for your lesson. Please be aware that some instructors may already be booked for your preferred times/days.

How to pay

  • Private lessons need to be paid at the Front Desk prior to each lesson.
  • If you have purchased a private lesson package, please check-in and redeem at the Front Desk before each session.


  • Private Lessons may not be scheduled during our Group Swim Lesson times, and only Adult Private Lessons may take place during Adult Lap Swim.
  • Semi-Private Lessons are only recommended if the participants are similar in skill level.
  • We recommend Group Lessons for anyone under the age of 4.
  • Packages are non-refundable and non-transferable; however, packages do not expire.
  • Packages are tied directly to the type of Private Lesson you take:
    • Private Lesson packages cannot be applied to Semi-Private Lessons, and Semi-Private Lesson packages cannot be applied to Private Lessons.
    • 30-minute Private Lesson packages cannot be applied to 50-minute Private Lessons, and 50-minute Private Lesson packages cannot be applied to 30-minute Private Lessons.


Instructor  Contact  Levels  General Availability 
Camille Browder
All Levels  Sundays after 11am 
Morgan Futty 
(425) 533-6663 (text preferred) 
All levels  Wednesday, Saturdays & Sundays  
Mina Lander
All Levels   Saturdays 12-5pm &  Sunday 11am-4pm 
Gabrielle R-Vigil           
425-746-1160 x 115 
Swim team,
All Levels 
Limited spots email to check availability 
Nathan Roberts
All Levels   Weekends 12-8pm 
Ben Richardson
All Levels  Saturdays 7am-830am &  Sundays anytime  
Scott Sandefur Adults  Weekends