Swim & Tennis Day Camp

Swim & Tennis Day Camp will be held Summer 2020 with limited capacities, social distancing and sanitization guidelines.
Limited space available – If the week you want is full, add yourself to the waitlist via online enrollment! We have been able to take campers off the waitlist, so it is definitely possible to still attend!


Ages 5 - 12

Lots of water fun will fill our weeks! Have a blast playing, swimming, and making new friends.

Each weekly camp will have a different theme & includes 2 swim lessons, 2 tennis lessons, daily open swim, and lots of indoor & outdoor play.

June 22 – 26: Lego Building Zone

Become a master Lego builder or artist! We will create, build, and learn as we explore our creative side with Legos galore. Game creations and team challenges will add to the fun. Watch Samena’s Lego Stop Motion Movie with your friends and let’s get ready to build.

June 29 – July 3: Code Breakers

Do you know the secret code? Access granted… Welcome to a week filled with mind-boggling puzzles and codes. Mazes, scavenger hunts, and an escape room will put your problem-solving skills to the test. The code is set, let’s break it.

July 6 – 10: Hit the Target

You hit the bullseye! Test your accuracy with Nerf target courses, archery, water balloon launchers, and water squirter relays. Hit the target playing frisbee golf, human foosball, and Airzooka. Ready…aim…fire…

July 13 – 17: Camp MTV

Get ready to ROCK IT! Each group will prepare and record a music video and end the week with our music video premiere on the big screen. Explore videography and choreography and get ready to shine!

July 20 – 24: Treasure Island

Celebrate summer with a hilarious high seas adventure, the ye olde pirate way. Construct and test the seaworthiness of your team’s pirate ship. Wear your pirate gear and have fun competin’ with capture’ the flag. Watch out or you’ll be walkin’ the plank!

July 27 – 31: Bounce and Have a Ball

Are you bouncing off the walls? This week is filled with activities to bounce around and have some fun. We will get the ball rolling with GaGa, kickball, and marble Olympics. We will bounce around with our cannonball competitions, inflatable obstacle course, and Indiana Jones. Are you ready to roll?

August 3 – 7: Go for the Gold

We will celebrate the Summer Olympics in style as we explore a variety of summer sports, participate in a Samena Olympiad, Wacky Olympics, and Color Wars. This week will have us cheering and playing, competing and celebrating like true Olympians!

August 10 – 14: In the Spotlight

Lights, camera, action! Let your inner actor or actress come fully alive this week as we sing, dance, act, laugh, perform, and make new friends. Groups will learn to develop and deliver skits. Perform your best skill in the camper talent show, and it might end up on the highlight reel we watch at the end of the week.

August 17 – 21: Water Blaster

Make a splash at this wet and wild week of camp! Super-soaker wars, big splash contests, and the unforgettable frozen t-shirt contest will make sure there is not a dry eye in the place. Don’t forget to pack another set of dry clothes or you’ll be all washed up! (Bring a labeled super-soaker on Friday)

August 24 – 28: H2O Yeah!

Cannonballs, belly flops, sprinklers, water balloons, bucket brigades and a slide will have you soaked with fun. Splish-splash and slosh your way through this week with pool floats and water games. Test your agility on the “WIBIT” our water inflatable obstacle course.


Info & Prices for
Summer 2020

Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 4:00pm

Extended care available: 7:00 – 9:00am, 4:00 – 6:15pm

Samena Member:
$340 weekly

Extended Care:
AM Only: $50 weekly
PM Only: $60 weekly
AM & PM: $85 weekly

Summer Program Member:

$395 weekly + $100 Summer Camp Registration Fee

Extended Care:
AM Only: $60 weekly
PM Only: $70 weekly
AM & PM: $95 weekly

Day Camp 2020 Medical Information Packet


Jason Menia
(425) 746-1160, ext. 128